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On the path to publication at the moment is “Fatal Forgery” – a tale of financial crime and investigation in the Regency era.

So where is it now?

I have commissioned a cover from designer Andrew Brown, who is responsible for the “pig in shades” covers of my non-fiction books for non-executive directors.  I fell in love with the pig at first sight, and am fully expecting to be equally wowed by the cover for this book.  As I am planning to publish “Fatal Forgery” on two platforms – as a print-on-demand paperback and as an e-book – the cover has to work in both environments.  And as I have the artistic skills of a two-toed sloth, this is one part of the publication process that I am more than happy to surrender to an expert.

You may not realise this, but I have been writing “Fatal Forgery” in one form or another for about four years now – and so it is high time that it saw the light of day.  Although I have written endless non-fiction, and some non-fiction-disguised-as-fiction (the “Suspicious Activity” series of e-books), this is my first attempt at proper fiction, and frankly it’s a bit scary.  What if no-one likes it?  But as I keep reminding myself, no-one will like it if they can’t read it, so I must be brave.

The book is now in its penultimate draft, and I am going through it with a fine-tooth comb and a red pen, which doesn’t leave me a hand free for biscuits and so is obviously a dire state of affairs.  Once that is done, I will need to:

  • Make final changes to the text.
  • Drop the text and cover image into the template for the paperback version.
  • Proof-read that online, make any changes and then order a paper proof copy to check that the quality is up to snuff (very popular in the Regency period, snuff).
  • Upload the text to the e-book template – which will involve stripping out all of my lovely formatting and including nothing that might offend the Kindle goblins (such as these bullets).
  • Start promoting the book like billy-o – for which I will need a publication date in order to build a frenzy of anticipation.  Taking into account Andrew’s cover delivery date, my real-life work commitments and my much-anticipated early summer holiday, I have decided on a publication date of…
  • Friday 19 July 2013!