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Things are really motoring along now, and as the cover designer breathes down my neck I have to come up with the blurb.  This is the paragraph or two that goes on the back cover of the book (and the Amazon listing) – and summarising 55,000 words into a paragraph is, to say the least, tricky.

So I’ve had a go at a first draft, and would be REALLY grateful if you could read it and then comment on it.  Does it make you want to rush out and buy the book?  Does it tell you too much, or not enough?  Do you feel that you get a good idea of the type of book that it is?  Any comments at all – anything will be extremely useful.  So here goes:

“Why would one of London’s most respected bankers start forging his clients’ signatures on documents – particularly in 1824, when trust in paper financial instruments is so fragile that anyone forging them is sent to the scaffold?  When Constable Samuel Plank is sent to arrest Henry Fauntleroy, the policeman is determined to find out why the banker has risked his reputation, the banking house that he has spent twenty years caring for – and his neck.  As Fauntleroy’s case makes its way speedily through the Regency justice system, attended by the finest legal minds on both sides and with England’s Bloody Code under the spotlight, Plank races against time to find the information that can save the banker’s life.  But why is Fauntleroy himself so determined to plead guilty?”