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Last weekend I asked for your views on something of terrific importance: my name.  I also put out a plea to family and (so-called) friends on Facebook, so as to gather as wide a set of views as possible.  Perhaps not surprisingly, the American contingent favoured the Stateside format of “Susan P Grossey” – although one Texan friend did suggest that I get down with the kids and opt for “SuePy” as my nom de plume.  Another wit decided that I might have better luck finding readers if I aroused feelings of familiarity in their minds, and thought that “Susan P G Wodehouse” or “Susan P G Tips” might work well.  Well, I did ask.

Putting all the responses into my Excel spreadsheet (if something’s worth doing, etc.), I find that just under 75% of respondents favour plain old “Susan Grossey”.  No, not “Plain Old Susan Grossey” – although (as one friend commented) that might lower expectations in buyers’ minds such that they are then pleasantly surprised by the book itself.

So that’s one decision made – thank you all for your help.  Back to the editing – and can I just say that the twist in the tail is decidedly less twisty on the ninth reading.