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I have just had a very trying weekend.  You see, last week I finally made myself prepare a “path to publication” timetable for my book – detailing all the things I have to do before I can finally hold a copy of it in my sweaty little paws and fondly imagine it winging its way to keen and indulgent readers around the world.  I have scheduled press releases and formatting, website updates and blogs.  And final editing.  Final editing is taking place on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, and not a moment before – and it is this delay that I am finding difficult.

I made my last round of changes on Friday, and printed out a new clean copy to check again.  But several authors whom I respect highly have advised that you should let things stew for a while – perhaps months, some say, but that’s just impractical.  So I promised myself that I would give it five days – that’s Friday to Wednesday – to clear my mind and come at the book with fresh eyes.  But although I am physically staying away from it, I am thinking about it constantly, so maybe I’m not achieving quite the distance I need.  Every time I walk past the folder I’m tempted to “just have a quick read through the first chapter” – so I have now resorted to giving it to my husband to hide until Wednesday.  (And yes, we all know that I have the actual file on my computer but somehow it is different: although I write on a computer, I can only edit on paper, red pen in hand.  After all, I was trained as a teacher.)