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Now that friends and family know that I have written a book, they are being so helpful and supportive.  (I held off telling anyone – apart from my husband – for four years, in case I didn’t actually finish the thing and ended up looking like a right banana.)  They’re all saying they will buy copies (which rather scuppers my plans for everyone’s Christmas presents, but there you go) and are coming up with very helpful suggestions.

My friend Tony, for instance, asked whether I had thought to secure the web domains for my title and main character.  It will not surprise you to hear that I had not – but now I have nabbed http://www.fatalforgery.com and .co.uk, and http://www.samplank.com and co.uk.  It’s rather like a combination insurance/investment.    I need to own them so that no-one else can, and although I don’t want to do anything with them now, who knows what the future holds?  If “Fatal Forgery” is a runaway success and people are clamouring for more Sam Plank stories, he might need his own website.  It’s not something that ever bothered police officers in the 1820s, but then Sam is a very forward-thinking chap, keen to understand the latest developments,and perhaps he will take to blogging, tweeting and the rest.  So thanks for the suggestion, Tony – keep them coming!