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As part of my day job, I provide a lot of anti-money laundering training.  Sometimes I do three or four identical sessions in a day, and by the final session, I can’t remember which examples I’ve used or which jokes I’ve told before.  It’s getting that way with “Fatal Forgery”.  I am now on about the three millionth read-through, and when I read something and think, “I’ve read that phrase before”, or “That sounds a bit clichéd”, I honestly can’t tell whether is really is a repeat or a cliché, or it’s just that I’m remembering it from my last read-through.

I am also – worryingly – still checking details, although I think it’s now straying into the realms of madness.  (My husband would say that I am already a permanent resident of that particular kingdom.)  My latest set of corrections includes the question, “Just how fat was Prinny [King George IV]?”  It’s a valid query, but it’s not strictly essential that either I or my readers (please God, let there be readers) should know the answer.

This book cover can’t arrive too soon; once that’s ready, I can upload the whole shooting match to CreateSpace, and then Prinny can be as plump as he likes.  (In case you’re as mad as I am, he tipped the scales at 17.5 stone – although this is how a rather tactful royal artist saw it.  Airbrushing is nothing new.)