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We are now heading into the home straight, publication-wise.  The main piece missing from the jigsaw that is “Fatal Forgery” is the cover, and the brilliant cover designer Andrew Brown is working on it as we speak.  And I know this, because a little while ago he sent me an email asking, “Does Plank have a moustache and/or wear glasses?  And if not, could he?”  I assume that Andrew has found an image that he rather likes the look of, and wonders whether it might suit Plank.

Having replied, I have spent the past three hours in a lather.  Call me daft (go on, have a go), but it has only just occurred to me that Samuel Plank is about to go out there, into other people’s imaginations, and he might not come out exactly as I see him.  As the book is written from his point of view he is not given much of a description (after all, who looks in the mirror and thinks, “Sam, you’re a man of below average height and above average girth, with a fine moustache and deep brown eyes”) but I can see him clearly in my own mind.  So now I wait on tenterhooks to see how he emerges from Andrew’s mind.  In the meantime, I’m having a think about who to cast in the movie, so that I’m not caught by surprise when that happens.