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Apologies for the long delay since my last post – isn’t that a piece of music?  Anyway, I haven’t been wasting my time; I’ve just been proofreading, and I thought it would make a very dull post: “Proofreading”, “Still proofreading”, etc.

But at long last I have some news for you.  It’s all too, too exciting – but I have just uploaded my interior and cover files to CreateSpace.  I have done an online check and all looks well, and so I have ordered my proof copy.  This is a real, paper, actual, physical book that will be printed and sent to me – albeit with “PROOF” stamped all over it.  I can then do a final (by all that is holy, please let it be final) proofread before ordering my own copies and (gulp) publishing it.

So now I can forget about the paperback for a few days – and you won’t hear from me for a while.  But we’re still working our way steadily towards a publication date of 19 July, with the next step being the formatting of the e-book.  Of course, it would be daft to do that before the paperback text is finalised, so everything is now hanging on the arrival of that proof copy.  I’ll let you know…