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Those of you who know me personally will not be surprised to hear that I have a rather large project plan for this publication extravaganza.  I set the publication date (a week on Friday – scary!) and then worked back from there to make sure that I allowed enough time for all required tasks.  What I did not allow was contingency time for stupidity, inefficiency and general snafus.  Let me explain.  Before I go ahead and approve the POD version of “Fatal Forgery” for publication and sale, I need to see a proof copy.  Knowing that I was going on a fortnight’s holiday, I ordered it the week before leaving, figuring that it would be waiting for me on my return.  What actually happened was that it arrived the day after I left, the courier didn’t think to leave it with a neighbour, and now it’s winging its way back to CreateSpace in America.  Grrrrr.  So the time I had allowed for a leisurely yet thorough checking of the proof copy is going to be squeezed.  I have spent most of today in a panic about it, but a quiet little walk around my local park, chatting with the ducks, has cleared my mind and allowed me to see that There Is Still Time.  The project plan continues, modified but victorious!