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Well, it’s all over bar the promoting.  Today I finalised the text for both POD paperback and e-book versions of “Fatal Forgery”, and sent them off to be readied for sale from next Friday.  Now all I have to do is drum up some interest.  Yes, I am afraid that the time has come to write what used to be called press releases, to try to encourage various publications, blogs and websites to take a look at the book and – the Holy Grail – review and promote it.

A while ago I read a very useful post by someone (to my shame, I forget who and where) who suggested that, in deciding where to promote a book, you should go through it and see where the “hooks” might be.  To give you my own example:

  • The hero of “Fatal Forgery” is a policeman, so I have contacted various police magazines and police history societies
  • I live in Cambridge and already write a weekly column for the local newspaper, so I have contacted them, along with the local radio station
  • I regularly visit Guernsey as part of my work in financial crime prevention, so I have contacted their local paper
  • Part of “Fatal Forgery” is set in Gibraltar, so I have contacted their local paper and the Commissioner of the Royal Gibraltar Police.

You get the idea.  It’s hard to gauge how swamped these people are with similar stories, and so I am not sure what response to expect.  I’ll let you know.  And if any of you can think of other places or people I should contact, please do let me know.