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So “Fatal Forgery” has been out for four whole days now, and I’m sure you’re keen to know how it’s going.  According to my latest checks, I have sold 15 paperbacks and 8 Kindle books, but no PDFs.  Of the nine press releases I sent, I have had two replies from people who would like to see review copies – which are due to arrive today.  So it’s “Fatal Forgery” central in the Grossey household.

However, something odd happened yesterday that rather concerned me.  I bumped into a neighbour in the street, and as we both belong to the same book club (which I emailed about the publication of “FF”) he knew all about it.  “So how do I get a copy?” he asked.  “You can order one from Amazon,” I said, “in paperback or Kindle format.”  “Paperback?” he replied, surprised.  “I thought I had to print it myself, and it’s a lot of pages.”  You see, he thought that “print on demand” meant that HE printed it – that Amazon sent him a file and he had to print it himself.

I must admit that I had not thought of that, but then I have been researching the concept of print-on-demand for months now and so it’s familiar to me.  I wonder if other people think that?  I’ve been stressing that it’s a “print-on-demand paperback”, thinking that I’m being all modern and jazzy and helpful, but if it’s confusing people, I’ll stop and just call it a paperback.  After all, when you order it from Amazon, it comes in the same amount of time as a physical book that they actually hold in stock, so really the POD-ness of it is irrelevant.  I do hope I haven’t lost any sales through people thinking I’m trying to flog a DIY book!