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For over six years now, I have been writing a weekly column for my local newspaper, the Cambridge News.  And when I published “Fatal Forgery”, I contacted them to ask whether they would be interested in a piece about it – some sort of angle, like “local author tries self-publishing” or “columnist gets too big for her boots”.  And today it has appeared!  As a two-page centre-spread (fully clothed and entirely decent, albeit with a very cheesy grin).

In the end, the editor asked me to write about how my day job (anti-money laundering consultancy) had led me to write the book – which is easy to explain, given my all-consuming obsession with financial crime.  I talked a bit about why I chose self-publication rather than traditional publication (which is more a case of it choosing me), and then they printed the first 200-ish words of the novel.  I must say that I am very glad now that I jumped right into the story at the start of the book – imagine if the first 200 words had been all about the weather and what Sam had for breakfast.

The article finishes with the price of the book and names the two local bookshops where it can be bought, so I will be keen to see whether local demand goes up as a result – I’ll try to keep you posted, if I can pester the bookshops for that information.  (I’m still trying not to go in to them too often…)