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Great excitement – I’m going to be on the radio!  I was out at dinner the other night, and a friend of a friend suggested that a good way to publicise my book in Cambridge would be to go on local radio, and in particular the afternoon show where they do arts reviews and discussions.  So I contacted Sue Dougan at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, gave her a copy of “Fatal Forgery” and – barring something really exciting happening, like a violent turn to the punt wars or the towers of King’s collapsing – I’ll be on her show on Monday 16 September.

I really don’t know what to expect: I’ve been told to turn up just before the show starts at noon, and then it’s all a mystery.  I assume that there’ll be a discussion of some sort, but then will I be kept around to comment on other things, or to take questions from listeners?  At least I know I don’t have to dress up: I did offer to wear my £3 tiara from Claire’s, which I save for special occasions, but Sue said there was no need.  She may have regretted her invitation at this point, but it was too late.

I have heard my voice before, in recordings, and it’s ghastly.  I sound much posher from the outside than from the inside, perhaps because in here I know what I am really thinking, but there you go – it’s probably too late to learn and assimilate a whole new accent by Monday.  I’ll let you know how it goes.