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In all the excitement about bookshops, I quite forgot to tell you that I have also donated copies of “Fatal Forgery” to my two local libraries: Cambridge Central Library, and Cambridge University Library.  You might wonder why I would do this – surely if someone borrows a book from a library they will not then go on to buy it, so that’s lost income.  But I do have my reasons.

For a start, I just love libraries.  I’ve even got used to them becoming multimedia hangouts with cafes.  And it would be an awful world without libraries, so if giving them a free copy of my book helps in any way, then I am delighted to do that.  I also happen to think that lots of people do what I do: read a library book and, when I enjoy it, recommend it to other people.  Some of them might then buy rather than borrow the book.  There is, of course, the Public Lending Right, for which “Fatal Forgery” and I are registered: this means that every time someone borrows the book, I get some money (paid annually); it’s just over 6p per loan, so I’m hanging fire on buying that beach house in the Maldives, but it’s a start.  And of course, what can beat the excitement of logging on to the library catalogue and seeing this!