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I have been away for work this week, and every evening, when I returned to my hotel room, I had a little routine: glass of Coke with lots of ice and a bag of crisps (hey, everyone needs to be fit, and for writers, that means having a plump bottom for sitting on all day), and then checking “Fatal Forgery” sales figures on Createspace (for the paperback) and Kindle.  And it was really depressing: no sales at all over the whole week (although I did spot that the copy in my local library has been borrowed – hurrah!).

When I mentioned this to my husband when I got home yesterday, he said that I was checking too often – that I might be just a tad obsessed (he’s only just noticed…).  And he recommended checking only once a month.  Once a month!  That would be the coldest of cold turkey.  But he’s right, and I agreed.  I’ll start that tomorrow.  Today I did a final, valedictory check – and overnight last night I sold two paperbacks and a Kindle version!  And today I am going into town for some shopping, and am now in a dither about whether to sneak into the bookshops to count remaining copies…  So what about the rest of you out there – how often do you check?  And is it healthy?