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I promised that I would let you know the outcome of the Goodreads giveaway that I set up (see my post earlier this week) so here goes.

I ran the giveaway for three days only – someone recommended this, as it means that your giveaway is mentioned as a priority in first the list of “newly listed giveaways” and then the list of “giveaways ending soon”, without languishing unpromoted in the middle.  Plus, I was too excited to wait for long!  Over the three days, 144 people entered the giveaway for one copy of the book.  Which means that at least 144 people looked at the book’s listing.  And 62 people have marked “Fatal Forgery” as “to read”, which means that it is added to their bookshelf on Goodreads, and this prompts them that they had liked the look of it.  Of course, not everyone buys every book they want to read, but it surely can’t help to have my book sitting there looking at them every time they log into their Goodreads page.

I have contacted the winner of the giveaway, asking her how she would like the book dedicated – I don’t want to just make it out to her, in case she is intending to give the book away as a present.  Encouragingly, I see from looking at the winner’s profile on Goodreads that she tends to review the books she reads, which means that I might get my first Goodreads review.  Meanwhile, I will be watching sales figures like a hawk (well, an even more vigilant hawk than usual) for any up-tick.