Susan Grossey

Actual real money!

A thousand apologies for my long silence – I have been overwhelmed with work (my day job, not lovely writing about Sam Plank).  But today something so exciting happened that I just had to tell you.

You may remember that when “Fatal Forgery” was first published back in July, two lovely local bookshops agreed to take copies.  They followed different purchase models: G David bought their copies outright from me, while Heffers asked for sale-or-return, taking their commission from any copies sold.  And this morning I opened the post to find my first cheque (note my confidence/optimism/delusion – my first cheque) from Heffers.  A whole £62.32!  I did a little jig in the hallway (not as elaborate or indeed as public as my famous “sold out dance“, but the cat enjoyed it).  And then I raced in to the bank to deposit the dosh before anyone changed their mind.  The bank is quite near to Heffers so I went in to thank the booksellers there, and they said that they were down to one copy of my book – and wanted six more!  But if they’re hoping to see the sold out dance again, they’re going to have to get rid of that final copy before I deliver the next batch tomorrow.  All too exciting: I’m having extra Jaffa Cakes to celebrate.

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