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I mentioned a little while ago that I was distributing “Fatal Forgery” through Smashwords, and I can give you a little update.  I uploaded my e-book file to Smashwords on 6 October, and on 15 October (after one nudge from me, and a very friendly return email from Smashwords) “Fatal Forgery” appeared in the Smashwords Premium Catalog.  This means that it had been checked for basic errors (lack of ISBN, peculiar styles, etc.), had been converted in the various e-book file formats, and could be automatically distributed to all the sellers that I had selected – and of course I chose the whole lot.

As of today:

  • It has been distributed to iBooks and can be seen here (that clever link automatically goes to your local iBooks store – fiendish!)
  • It is now available as a Nook book and can be seen here
  • It is on sale in Barnes & Noble (as a Nook book) – you can see it here
  • It has been sent to Kobo, but is not yet appearing in their bookstore
  • Likewise, it has been sent to the Sony eBookstore but has not yet appeared.

No sales so far through any of these channels, but it can only help – I’ll keep you posted.