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As mentioned/moaned many times before, it is jolly hard as a self-published author to get the publicity that a traditionally-published author would get from their publisher and agent.  Allied to that is the knowledge that, with self-publishing, anyone can publish anything, which means that logically there must be a lot of rubbish out there, and this leads to a sneaking suspicion that your own book might just be in that category….  So the self-published author is in the peculiar position of seeking publicity for something that may not actually, when viewed by strangers rather than by family and friends, be any good!

In my quest to address both issues, I contacted a very well-known book blogger here in the UK, a lady called Jo who blogs under the name “Jaffareadstoo” (Jaffa being her cat).  She very kindly agreed to read “Fatal Forgery”, and to review it, and even to feature me on her blog – where she likes to have a regular “in conversation with” an author.  As you can imagine, I sent off my book to her with a mixture of excitement and trepidation – and today’s the day that I find out what she thought.  And it’s even better than I had hoped: not only am I in a prominent position on her widely-read blog (http://jaffareadstoo.blogspot.co.uk/), but she has given “FF” one of her coveted 5* ratings (out of five, in case you’re wondering).  She has also copied her review to Goodreads (a popular website for readers and writers – you may remember that I put my toe in the giveaway water here, and here) and to Amazon.

So big sighs of relief in the Grossey household: Sam Plank has been introduced to a wider audience, and his tale has been given the best possible review by a well-respected and much-followed reviewer.  Jaffa Cakes for everyone!  (Including Jaffa, the cat, of course.)