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A little while ago I explained that I was publishing “Fatal Forgery” through Smashwords, in order to create lots of different e-versions for all different e-shops (to complement to Kindle version published through Amazon).  Thanks to Smashwords, “FF” is now available as a Sony e-book, an Apple iBook and more – although I have to admit that it has not sold even one copy through any of these routes.  (On the other hand, it cost me only time – not money – to publish through Smashwords, so I’m not feeling too worried.)

Another format that Smashwords offered was Kobo, and I was particularly keen on this because our largest chain of newsagents here in the UK – WHSmith – sells Kobo e-readers and e-books.  But even a fortnight after “FF” was listed on Smashwords as having been shipped to Kobo, it still wasn’t appearing there, so I did a bit of sleuthing.  It turns out that Kobo now offers its own (free) e-publishing route, called Kobo Writing Life, and the rumour is that they are prioritising books published through that over ones coming through Smashwords.  So I did the obvious thing and went direct through Writing Life, and now “FF” is listed on the Kobobooks website (you can see it here).  Again, no sales yet – but it did only appear there yesterday.

What this has all shown me is that it is terrifically hard to keep up with all the options – there are probably dozens of other e-book formats out there of which I am totally unaware.  It almost makes you yearn for the days when the only two options were hardback and paperback – although I course I wouldn’t have been published at all without all the new self-publishing routes!