Susan Grossey

A full set of e-versions – I think!

A little while ago I explained that I was publishing “Fatal Forgery” through Smashwords, in order to create lots of different e-versions for all different e-shops (to complement to Kindle version published through Amazon).  Thanks to Smashwords, “FF” is now available as a Sony e-book, an Apple iBook and more – although I have to admit that it has not sold even one copy through any of these routes.  (On the other hand, it cost me only time – not money – to publish through Smashwords, so I’m not feeling too worried.)

Another format that Smashwords offered was Kobo, and I was particularly keen on this because our largest chain of newsagents here in the UK – WHSmith – sells Kobo e-readers and e-books.  But even a fortnight after “FF” was listed on Smashwords as having been shipped to Kobo, it still wasn’t appearing there, so I did a bit of sleuthing.  It turns out that Kobo now offers its own (free) e-publishing route, called Kobo Writing Life, and the rumour is that they are prioritising books published through that over ones coming through Smashwords.  So I did the obvious thing and went direct through Writing Life, and now “FF” is listed on the Kobobooks website (you can see it here).  Again, no sales yet – but it did only appear there yesterday.

What this has all shown me is that it is terrifically hard to keep up with all the options – there are probably dozens of other e-book formats out there of which I am totally unaware.  It almost makes you yearn for the days when the only two options were hardback and paperback – although I course I wouldn’t have been published at all without all the new self-publishing routes!


  1. Roy McCarthy Avatar
    Roy McCarthy

    It’s a jungle out there. Personally I’m not interested in exploring it.

  2. ihatemoneylaundering Avatar

    Actually, Roy, I am quite enjoying learning new skills. Imagine if the twenty-year old me had been told that one day she would self-publish her own book – she would have been amazed! I think the trick is not to expect to be able to understand it all, and to just hang on and enjoy the ride through the bits that you do understand.
    Best wishes from Susan

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