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I know, I know – I’m a bad blogger to leave you alone for so long.  I’ve been rather overwhelmed by ordinary, non-writing work, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (who says writers shouldn’t use cliches?) and please rest assured that I have not abandoned my lovely Plank to his own devices.

Remember how I wrote before about using all possible “hooks” to get a book out there in front of potential readers?  Well, my brother-in-law is a lawyer, and he has made some excellent suggestions about how I could market Plank to the legal fraternity.  Thanks to his ideas, “FF” is now listed on the website and in the glossy catalogue of the Carbolic Smokeball Co, which supplies “unusual gifts for professionals”.  And – hold onto your hat – it is also sitting on the table of Christmas presents for lawyers just inside the front door of tip-top legal bookshop Hammicks, in the heart of London’s legal district:

Hammicks 2 051213


How handsome he looks!  I do have one more foray planned into the legal community, but that’s still in the planning and I won’t spoil the surprise.  And by way of encouragement to those of you who are going through this same process – and gradually realising that marketing a book takes a darn sight longer than writing one – can I just reassure you that, in the right frame of mind, it is great fun!  Every sale is very hard won, but what a sense of satisfaction.