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Please forgive me for the long silence – I was away on holiday in Australia for five weeks.  I did ponder and cogitate to see whether I could turn the trip to writing advantage by having Plank accompany a transport of criminals to Botany Bay or some such, but it really wouldn’t work – Gibraltar is one thing, but I’m not sure Martha would be keen on him going to the other side of the world.

After much negotiation with my husband, I was allowed to take my laptop with me so that I could check work emails once a week.  I do my Plank writing on another machine, a Mac, so it looked as though Sam and I would be separated for a while – but then the lovely people who write the Mac software that I use offered me a deal on the Windows version as well…  And so Plank did get his trip Down Under.  I did a bit of work with him, mainly attending an arson trial at the Old Bailey, but frankly it was hard to get into the winter mood while sitting by a beach.  Martha would have been outraged at some of the bathing costumes on display.

Most excitingly, while I was away a review of “Fatal Forgery” appeared in the “Law Society Gazette” – you can see it here.  The whole thing was started by a comment from my lawyer brother-in-law who said that all lawyers must be members of the Law Soc, and all members of the Law Soc (100,000 of them) get the “Gazette”, and the “Gazette” has book reviews….  So I pestered James Morton, the poor man who does their fiction reviews, and voila!  I have seen a slight up-tick in sales – particularly of the Kindle version – but am more delighted at the respectability conferred by the review.  And it mentions the second novel in the making, so I’d better crack on.