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As regular readers will know, I have tried to get “Fatal Forgery” published in as many formats as possible.  I did the print-on-demand paperback and Kindle versions myself, and then turned to Smashwords to create several more.  It’s not been a huge success – in fact, not a single copy has sold through Smashwords.  But this week I had an email from them advertising their “e-Book Week”, and I’m giving it a go.

In essence, I offer a discount on the price of my e-book sold through Smashwords (several formats on offer).  I have chosen to offer a 25% discount.  They then list my book (along with doubtless hundreds more) in their “eBook Week Catalogue” – you can see my catalogue listing here.  If you buy during this week and use the special code at checkout, you get 25% off the normal price.  I have no idea how successful this will be – it rather depends on the Smashwords promotional efforts, and the number of other books in the catalogue.  But I have maths A-level, and I know that 75% of something is better than 100% of nothing, so it’s worth a bash.  I’ll let you know.