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I’m not a very visual person.  I can go into an art gallery or furniture store or jewellery boutique and point out what I like, but why I like it, well, that’s a mystery.  And as for trying to emulate it, forget it.  So the whole idea of Pinterest, which is predicated on sharing visual images, has rather passed me by.  But then I was reading yet another article about how to market self-published books (I begin to think that this might appear on my tombstone: “She lived well but died wondering how to market her self-published novel”), I realised something: just because I am not very visually stimulated, I cannot afford to ignore those of my readers (and potential readers) who are.  So I am giving it a go.

I have created a Pinterest board about Sam and “Fatal Forgery”.  It is very much in its infancy (might turn out to be arrested development, I suppose…) but you can have a look here.  I have also put a link to it on the left, over there ← ← ← ←.  It’s quite tricky finding the right images, because I want to give people a taster of the book and the period without divulging any plot details.  So that means that I can’t include pictures of – oooops! nearly gave something away then!  I’m still stumbling my way through it, and perhaps no-one will ever find their way to the book from the Pinterest board, but maybe forcing myself to look at my subject from a different perspective – visual rather than verbal – will actually pay dividends.  What do you think?  Any Pinterest experiences, hints or warnings?