Susan Grossey

International relations

I have friends all over the world (the legacy of peripatetic parents and an overseas childhood), and several of them have very kindly bought and read “Fatal Forgery”.  A few of them have then been sufficiently moved (or threatened – we’ll say no more about that) to want to leave a review on Amazon.  Being in the UK, I use to check for reviews (14 so far – hurrah!, and so it was only when one of these friends mentioned it that I thought to look at other Amazons.  And blow me down, there are other reviews sitting there.  There are three on (, and one on (

Now it seems logical to me that, as they are all referring to the same book, all the reviews should appear on all the Amazon sites.  So I emailed Amazon to ask about this.  And this is what they said: “At this time, our Customer Reviews feature doesn’t link reviews across and the International Amazon sites.  We understand that some customers would like for their reviews to post internationally, however, this ability isn’t currently available at this time.”  So: they know it makes sense, and they know people want it (who wouldn’t want all of their reviews to appear wherever their book is listed?), but they haven’t done it.  And then they asked “Did I solve your problem?”  Harrumph!

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