Susan Grossey

Am I too old to be an overnight success?

I’m not much of a Twitterer (Tweeter?), but I do use it as part of my day job, to share links I find to money laundering related stories.  I have never really used it for my writing self, as I’m not sure how to (or indeed whether to), so I was absolutely delighted to get this notification today:

Debbie Young is an author and book reviewer (you can read all about her here) , and some weeks ago she very kindly agreed to take delivery of a copy of “Fatal Forgery” and consider writing a review of it.  Always a nervous moment for an author…  So I am thrilled beyond measure that she is (a) enjoying the book, and (b) telling all of her 6,228 followers that she is enjoying it.

And so the daydream starts…. (*wavy lines*)  Debbie Young’s Twitter followers include one of England’s most influential, hip and happening agents.  This agent’s interest is piqued by Debbie’s comment, and s/he orders a copy of “FF”.  S/he reads it at one sitting, unable to believe the fluency of the writing, the reliable detail of the historical setting, the sympathetic nature of the characters, until the twist in the tail makes him/her slump back in the chair, amazed at the experience.  S/he can barely wait for morning, to telephone three, no, six leading publishing houses, whose in-house readers are similarly impressed and immediately leap into a frenzied bidding war for the rights.  The agent, meanwhile, finds him/herself stuck in a lift with Steven Spielberg and Richard and/or Judy, and shows them the book: Steve immediately buys the film rights, and Richard and/or Judy begs to be allowed to recommend it as a summer read.  I retire from the day job, to spend the rest of my days, Colin Dexter-like, writing Sam Plank books and being feted.  The End.


  1. Roy McCarthy Avatar
    Roy McCarthy

    Love it. A day or two ago I saw somewhere a reproduction of a letter from an agent dismissing as a ‘disaster’ a pilot script for ‘Fawlty Towers’. I wonder what the agent is doing these days?

  2. ihatemoneylaundering Avatar

    Well, on one level “Fawlty Towers” was a disaster – but I know what they meant! I wonder how the writers of that found an agent who did believe in them?

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