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Remember how I told you that I was going all out to try and get some reviews for “Fatal Forgery”?  Well, after a lot of silence and then a slow start, I am finally starting to see some returns on my effort.  The latest is a review by Debbie Young, a well-respected writer herself and a much-followed book blogger and reviewer.  And it is such a lovely five-star review – plenty of detail, with specific comments, and encouragement for “Plank 2”!  You can see it here on Amazon (if it’s not obvious, re-sort the reviews to put the newest first).  And Debbie – being, as I say, an author herself and therefore well aware of the importance of reviews – has kindly put her review on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com and Goodreads, to get as much coverage as possible.

So now here’s a question for you: how can I carry on Debbie’s good work and wring as much juice as possible from that review?  I have thanked her on Twitter (that’s something else she did, to reach her 6,300+ followers) and retweeted her Tweet to my (small in number but enormous in quality) 95 followers.  I am writing this post.  And of course I shall quote liberally from Debbie’s review (with her permission) on “Plank 2”.  I’m reluctant to put another review link on Facebook – my family and friends are probably all Planked out by now.  Should I forward it to the three booksellers who are stocking the physical book – given that the review appears on Amazon…?  Or maybe I could send them the Goodreads version instead.  Any other ideas?