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I’m not a natural blower of my own trumpet, but the other day I had just the nicest ever compliment about “Fatal Forgery”.  I have been taking my car (an elderly Renault 5) to the same garage for over twenty years.  When I first started going, the owner’s son was a mere slip of a lad, entrusted mostly with washing the cars in the showroom, but in the natural way of things he is now the boss himself.  When he saw me tapping away on my laptop as I waited for the MOT man to finish, he asked what I was writing and I told him all about Sam.  “I’m off on my holiday next week – I’ll go onto Amazon this evening and buy your book to take with me,” he said.  I half-believed him – lots of people say that, out of politeness.  But he really did – and when I saw him again last week, he gave me what is probably the best review I could have hoped for: “I really enjoyed your book,” he said.  “I’m not a reader – that’s the first book I’ve read for years.  But I liked it so much that I went straight to the shops and bought three more books.”  Isn’t that lovely?

And I owe you an apology for blogging so little at the moment.  The truth is that I am so busy getting ready for my writing retreat that I am spending all my time doing the day job, trying to clear the decks, so that I can go away with an empty inbox and a clear conscience.  I’m doing very little “Planking”, as my husband calls it, but soon, well, you won’t be able to shut me up.  From 27 June I will be Planking full-time for a month, and then you’ll be sick of hearing from me.