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Be careful what you wish for…  I was so keen to finish the first draft of “Plank 2” – but now I find myself missing Samuel and Martha, John and William.  The temptation is there simply to turn to page one and start editing like crazy, but – as I explained yesterday – that is not my plan.  The words I have written are still too fresh in my mind for me to be able to step back and read them objectively (and such objectivity is particularly crucial when writing a mystery, as I discussed a few days ago), so I must be strong and resist the urge to start chatting to Sam again.

That said, the brain is an independent organ, and mine is still mulling things even without my permission.  And very early this morning I woke up and realised that I needed to change something in chapter one.  Harrumph.  I could sneak in there and make the change, but I think the smarter thing to do is just to make a note of my idea, and then throw it into the mix with the proper edit I’m planning for later.  But should I be worried that a man other than my husband is waking me up?