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Cambridge, as you can imagine, is rather generously endowed with libraries – every college has one, every department has at least one, then there are the cross-cutting ones like the University Library.  And then you can add to that total the large number of “public” libraries – including the very well-used (especially by me) Cambridge Central Library.  And the lovely people who are in charge of attracting even more people to the libraries, and therefore to reading, have organised an event for local authors.  You can read more about it here.

In short, six local authors – including me! – will be sitting in the entrance area of the library from 1000 to 1300 on what we hope will be a busy Saturday, showcasing our books, talking about them to anyone who’s interested, and hopefully selling a few copies.  I am very over-excited about it all, mainly because you cannot imagine how much I love talking about Sam Plank and historical financial crime and Regency London.  My poor husband is sick of the phrase, “I found out something really interesting today…” and is just glad that I will have another outlet for my enthusiasm.  It will also be great fun to meet other authors and find out about their writing and publishing techniques.

Of course, if you’re in Cambridge on that day, please do come by and say hello – it would be lovely to meet you.