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In one of those serendipitous coincidences, just as I am ramping up my publicity drive around tomorrow’s (tomorrow!) publication of “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat”, I received an email from a very nice man in Ely (about 12 miles from Cambridge, famous for a fab cathedral) asking if I would be interested in being interviewed about my writing.  Would I ever!

This man’s company – Effie Productions – puts together podcasts on all manner of subjects, and they are launching a new one featuring interviews with local authors.  And now that includes me!  It was a very pleasant experience – twenty minutes on the telephone talking about Sam Plank and about myself and my writing – and has resulted in a podcast in the SoundCloud, whatever and wherever that may be.  You can listen to it here.

You see how exciting and unpredictable self-publishing can be!  I had the invitation, said yes and did the interview all within 24 hours.  Pity those poor best-selling authors controlled by traditional publishing houses – I bet they’re hamstrung by all sorts of restrictions on who they can talk to and what they say.  Poor things.