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Here we are at last: the official publication day for “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat”.  I have updated this website’s Purchase page, and my Facebook page, and my business website (which in turn updates Twitter and LinkedIn), so I think that’s all the notifications done.

I mentioned all the e-formats I have been working on, and their unpredictable publication timetables.  Well, the Kindle and Kobo versions are up, as is the plain PDF listed on Gumroad, but no sign yet of the Nook or iBook versions.  I remember going through this with “Fatal Forgery” and getting into a right stew about it, but it’s all a matter of patience: basically, you upload the files to the relevant site (Smashwords, in my case), and then when the front-end sites do their regular updates, they sweep through Smashwords and collect the latest publications.  And it seems that Kobo does its updates more frequently than Nook or iBooks.  And no amount of emails or panic is going to alter the Zen-like pace of these updates – believe me, I tried last time.  So this time I am a model of patience and calm: they’ll arrive when they arrive.

So what else awaits the Author on her Publication Day?  Well, my husband is taking me out for lunch to the local pub,and also cooking me steak and chips for dinner, so nutrition is well taken care of.  I am spending quite a bit of time checking my KDP sales figures (that’s for the Kindle edition), but there is little point checking CreateSpace (for the paperback edition) as those figures are always a day in arrears – so I know that two people bought “Canary” yesterday, but I’ll have no idea of the effect of the Official Publication until tomorrow.

All of this sounds a bit muted, I know, but what I haven’t mentioned is the sheer relief of having got it all done!  Oh, and just a couple of photos of “Canary” on the shelves in Heffers, my local bookshop – you’ll notice that I am once again cuddling up to John Grisham!  (And yes, I was waiting at the bookshop doors at 9am to rush in and take these photos….

WP_20141030_09_06_03_Pro WP_20141030_09_06_23_Pro

And I must remember to remove that countdown clock on the left – although I might leave it until tomorrow to see if it starts counting backwards in negative time!