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I have been blogging now for several years, first (and still) as part of my day job (you get the gist of my feeling about that from the name of the blog: www.ihatemoneylaundering.wordpress.com), and now as a writer of historical financial crime novels.  I started this latter blog as a way to make sense of the self-publishing process as I worked through it, and now readers tell me that they enjoy hearing about the creative side of things as well, which it is my great pleasure to share.

Janis Pegrum Smith was one of the reviewers of “Fatal Forgery” – on behalf of the Historical Novel Society, which is obviously a Big Thing for people like me who spend their time in the past – and she has very generously nominated me for a “One Lovely Blog Award”.  This came completely out of the blue, and I am still smiling about it.

However, receiving the nomination entails some tasks, which are:

  • Link to the person who passed the award on – which I am delighted to do, as Janis’s blog is a great read into which she puts much research effort: https://itsawonderfullifebyjps.wordpress.com/
  • Post the award logo on your blog – well, just try and stop me!
  • Share seven interesting facts about yourself – see below (although my idea of interesting and yours might not coincide – just saying)
  • Pass the award on by nominating other bloggers – again, see below.

So now I have to think of seven interesting things about myself…

  1. I am a tandem stoker, which is what we call the one on the back who does all the hard pedalling while the pilot on the front gets all the glory
  2. I stopped biting my nails when I was eighteen because my boyfriend gave me a lovely ring – I kept the nails and the ring, but not the boyfriend…
  3. Every other year I read all the “Paddington” books aloud to my husband
  4. I once wrote a fan letter to Eros Poli, a famous Italian cyclist – I was nearly thirty at the time
  5. When my husband and I moved into together and united our vast collections of LPs (remember those?), the only one we had in common was “Breakfast in America” by Supertramp
  6. Whenever I fly, I check that there is a life-jacket under my seat and I count the rows to the nearest exit – I’m not nervous, just organised and prepared
  7. I believe absolutely in “what goes around, comes around”, and so I try to smile at and be nice to everyone.

As for my nominations, here goes:

  • Nicola Morgan – award-winning author and professional speaker – for her excellent advice, great sense of humour, and gorgeous shoes: http://www.nicolamorgan.com/category/heartsong-blog/
  • Catherine Ryan Howard – author and self-publishing guru of the highest order – for giving me the inspiration to “go indie” in the first place: http://catherineryanhoward.com/
  • Otto’s Mummy – the wife of a white collar criminal – for writing irregularly but always movingly and through-provokingly about her experiences: http://ottomummy.wordpress.com/
  • Roy McCarthy – author (in Jersey – that’s the rock in question), compliance expert and a top-notch beta reader to boot – for sharing his writing adventures: http://backontherock.com/
  • Compliance Monkey – fellow AML-addict/obsessive – for contributing so generously to my own work blog: http://compliancemonkey.com/about/