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I have just had a weekend of Plank-ing (not non-stop, but several hours on each day), and I can report an exciting development: I now know who is going to be the baddie in “Plank 3”.  And no, I’m not telling you – or not yet, at least.

I was enjoying one of those free-form research sessions – you know, where you just click and follow any lead that takes your fancy – and there he was.  (Yes, I can reveal that it is a man…)  I don’t think he’ll be the only baddie, though, as by his nature he works with others.  (Yes, I can reveal that he is a working man rather than an aristocrat.)  But he is a definite lynch-pin for my plot, and I am very pleased to meet him.  Now that I know what he does, I can start to think about his name and his appearance and his character.  I feel a visit to the National Portrait Gallery coming on, as I have always found their exhibits to be of great use – particularly the crowd scenes.  Several of the characters in “Fatal Forgery” and “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat” bear a strong resemblance to others on the walls in the NPG…  One day, when Sam is world-famous, I shall run a competition to see who can spot them!