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A writer friend has posted an excellent reminder on her Facebook page today: apparently Confucius said, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”.  Writing Plank over the past fortnight has been rather akin to wading through treacle, with my cold-fugged brain, but I am trying to keep moving at some level.

Coincidentally, this evening is my Plank brainstorming session.  A few weeks ago I decided to exploit my friends and ask them to help me think of ways to promote Plank, and this evening a little group is coming to my house to be bribed with nibbles and drinks to share their ideas.  I have found an old cork bathmat onto which I can pin sticky-notes with their ideas (I think Martha would have approved of my thriftiness) and bought some M&S sausage rolls and crisps (inflicting my cooking on them would not help matters), and hopefully a bit of free-wheeling brainstorming will give me some new ideas.  I’m looking for anything I can do to promote the two books I have already written and to drum up anticipation for the five yet to come – all (legal) ideas, no matter how wacky, will be considered.  I’ll let you know.