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Today I am trying one of the more off-the-wall (at least to me – but then I’m a bit old-fashioned) ideas for marketing the Plank books.  And I have created a Facebook page for Constable Sam Plank.  I’ve used FB for years for myself, and have even set up a couple of other pages for a holiday apartment that we own and my own little car (yes, did I mention that I was a bit dotty?).  But this idea of a FB page for a character is not one that I had thought of – I read it on a page of marketing ideas while Googling for inspiration at the weekend.

It’s not quite the same as a person’s FB page.  I did think I might be able to put in Sam’s date of birth and his marital status and location, and then write posts as him…  And as I write this, I still wonder whether this is in fact possible – I’ll investigate later.  But for now, I have done what is known as a “FB fan page”, which is simply a way to promote something.  You can see it here, and I’d be grateful for your thoughts.  The main benefit of fan pages over ordinary pages is that you can specify the type of audience you would like to promote the page to – so I have said, for instance, that I am interested in people who have put “historical fiction” among their interests.  But I don’t think you get this promotion for nothing; I think you have to pay for “boosts”.  As you can see, I don’t know much at all!  But if any of you knows more, I’d be grateful for feedback and suggestions.  Meanwhile, I’ll have a think about Sam’s own page as a “person” – I wonder if FB permits it.