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Well, what can I say?  I have just returned from giving my talk to the WI, and I am still grinning.  I was asked to talk about the process of writing and self-publishing, so I put together an outline for a talk covering “why Sam?” to start with, then how I do the writing, then why I chose self-publishing, and some of the mechanics of that, and I carefully created little bullet point cards – but it turns out that my own natural obsession with all things Sam will keep me talking without any prompts at all.

That said, the talk was vastly improved by the excellent questions from the floor.  I decided from the outset that whenever I talked or wrote (as in this blog) about the writing and publishing of the Sam series, I would be completely honest – about what works and what doesn’t, about how much it costs (in time and money), and about whether I would recommend it.  And I tried to do that today.

The food, of course, was delicious: I was spoiled with a home-cooked two-course lunch before I had to sing for my, well, lunch.  And what about book sales?  I can hardly believe this, but I sold out – and will even have to make a delivery to WI local HQ to fulfil outstanding orders!  In total, I sold 20 copies of “Fatal Forgery” and 18 of “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat”, which is just fantastic.  If only 10% of those buyers recommend Sam to others, this could be the start of a little roll.