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Like all writers, I am clinically addicted to stationery – so much so that I am now self-barred from all branches of Paperchase and must keep at least four feet away from any display stands of Moleskine notebooks.  But occasionally I can slip a purchase or two under the radar in the name of necessity, and today is just such a happy day.

As I have mentioned, next week I am taking part in two promotional events: on the Friday evening (26 June) I am doing a talk on self-publishing at my local library, and on the Saturday (27 June) I have taken a stall at the Swaffham Bulbeck street market with another local author to flog our wares and spread the self-publishing message.  And so I need promotional material, which is – hurrah! – stationery related.  I have splashed out on some brown paper bags for people’s purchases, and five acrylic display stands for my books.  They’re not quite as thrilling as a new notebook with a pretty cover, and its promise of a masterpiece soon to be penned, but they’re still a good fix when you’re craving something stationery-esque.

Tomorrow I’m off to the bank to withdraw an optimistic cash float; at least lugging all those pounds coins around will keep me fit.