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I know, I know: I said I would wait until July to do this, but I’m just too excited, and anyway, it’s my book and my publishing and if I want to think about the title now rather than in July, then I can.  So there.

The name of the first Plank novel – “Fatal Forgery” – was all my own work.  However, long-time readers may remember that when I was publishing “Plank 2”, I asked for your help.  I created a short-list of five possible titles and asked you to vote on your favourite, and that’s the one I used: “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat”.  And you played a blinder, dear readers: everyone, but everyone, loves that title.  So I am shamelessly going to plunge into the same pool of title-picking talent once again, and have devised my short-list of five possible titles for “Plank 3”.

Of course, you need to know a little something about the plot – but not too much….  Let me see.  Well, you have Constable Sam Plank and his wife Martha, and his junior constable William Wilson, all involved again.  But this time, the crimes they are trying to fathom are fratricide (good Biblical crime, that one – murdering your own brother), blackmail, child prostitution and lottery fraud, with some high-level corruption thrown in for good measure.  So, without giving any more away, which of these titles do you like?  I’m trying to avoid anything too “Regency romance” (“Daisies of Dishonour”, or “The Wicked Earl and the Willing Maid”), or anything that makes you think of the Blackadder spoof titles (you may remember “Dish and Dishonesty” and “Nob and Nobility”…).

I’ll keep the poll going right up to the point where I need to give the title to the cover designer – end of September.  Please vote!  And if you can think of something along these lines but better, let me know – we can always go to a second round of voting to accommodate later flashes of inspiration.  So here are your options: