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What a week Sam, Martha and I are having!  This coming Friday we are talking about self-publishing at our local library, then on Saturday we’re having a Grand Day Out at a nearby village fête, and now I have just spotted that Heffers – my local university bookshop and one of the stockists of “Fatal Forgery” and “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat”- is starting to promote its summer crime fiction event.  It’s called “What’s Your Poison?”, and you can read about it here – scroll down to find it, as it’s on 16 July.  And – huge excitement – my name is listed first!  Pure luck, but I almost missed myself because with a surname beginning with G, I’m used to being about a third of the way down any list.

I missed this prestigious event last year, as I was away on my writing retreat, but this year I have made it an absolute priority to be around.  Apparently all the invited crime fictions authors are stationed around the shop, and guests are given a quiz to complete.  To get the answers, they have to visit all of the authors and ask a question about each book – so I’ll be able to tell all sorts of new people (and specifically people who already like crime fiction) about Sam and his adventures.

(And, as an aside, today I was very brave and when someone asked about my books, I didn’t just tell them about them, but also fished out a business card with the link to this blog and my purchase links printed on it.  It’s a bit unnaturally sales-y for me, but without the marketing might of a publishing house behind me, if I don’t blow my own trumpet, no-one will.)