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I’m afraid it’s going to be a bit boring for a while: basically, I spend most of the day sitting at the dining table, staring at the keyboard, and writing in bursts fuelled by Jaffa Cakes and determination.

Progress so far: day one yielded 2,111 words, day two 1,266 and day three 2,120.  Day two was not good, so I am fudging the figures by taking an average, which is 1,832 words per day and not too far shy of my target 2,000.  Day two was quiet because I spent a lot of time on plotting.

Those of you who have been through this before will know that I write in a very peculiar (probably inefficient but definitely fun) fashion: in short, I write the scene I want when I fancy it, and then later I stitch them all together.  So at the moment I have about forty separate incidents, and yesterday afternoon I made a first stab at putting them in some sort of order.  This is becoming important, as I am reaching the point where I need to know what my characters have already done or found out, so chronology is starting to matter.  It was done Blue Peter fashion: a postcard for each incident, all laid out on the floor, and then an hour to organise them, a J Cake break, and another hour to reorganise them.  They’ll no doubt move again, but once they’re fixed I can start adding time location details, like season and weather.  At the moment, all forty incidents start with “A date in April 1826”, which is patently not going to work for the final book!  But I’m not allowed to do date-fixing – which I enjoy, as it entails lots of lovely research looking for significant events in the year – until I’ve done at least a week of writing.

Meanwhile, please can I encourage you once more to vote on a possible title for “Plank 3” – I’d really like to decide on this, as a little incentive to keep me going.  Less fattening than Jaffa Cakes…