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After my day off yesterday I have motored ahead today, and managed 2,451 words.  I ended up writing a scene that I did not expect to write, and I’m not sure that it’s any good, but I needed it there to explain something, and anyway, that’s what editing is for.  So now I find myself facing the writing of my final incident/chapter tomorrow, and then the story’s told.  I’ll then read the whole thing through, looking for massive plot holes and inconsistencies – the smaller, and doubtless more significant, ones, I leave in on purpose (!) for my lovely beta reader Roy to spot!

After that, I’ll turn to my file of “things to put in somewhere”.  These are snippets I have come across while doing research, or thought of in the bath, or heard on the radio, and would quite like to use, but I couldn’t quite see how in the first run-through.  For instance, in “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat”, Sam and Martha are on a day out when they walk past the Exeter Change menagerie in the Strand, and Martha says how sorry she feels for the animals.  And in February 1826 (“Plank 3” is set in 1826), the menagerie’s resident elephant Ranee, delirious with the pain of a septic tusk, killed her keeper and was gunned down.  It would have been all over the papers, and Martha would definitely have heard about it – and been upset by it.  So where to work it in?

By the by, I am currently negotiating another physical stockist for the Plank series.  I won’t mention any names, in case I jinx it, but it would be lovely if it happened, and I would very much appreciate any fingers or toes that you can keep crossed on my behalf.