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Many thanks to everyone who sent me suggestions about the back-cover blurb, either via comments on this blog or through email.  You have all been so generous with your time and your thoughts.  I have made some changes accordingly, and this is how it’s looking now (although it will be centred on the cover):

In the stifling summer of 1826, the death of a young man in Hyde Park uncovers a web of blackmail and corruption so far-reaching that even the redoubtable Constable Sam Plank is shocked.  A Quaker charity hides a terrible secret, a dangerous enmity is growing between London’s hackney carriage drivers and its watermen, and fraternal loyalty is tested to its limits.

Susan Grossey’s third Sam Plank novel plunges the magistrates’ constable, his protégé William Wilson and his determined wife Martha into a dark and desperate world.

“Historical crime fiction at its very best.” – Janis Pegrum Smith, author of The Book Ark series

(My only concern is that it could be read that Martha is William’s wife, so perhaps it should be “…the magistrates’ constable, his determined wife Martha and his protege William Wilson…”, but should Martha get higher billing than Wilson?)

I have also gone back to the text of “Fatal Forgery” and added a couple of excerpts from reviews – again, mooching around bookshops suggests that these now appear on the very first page of the book, so that’s where I’ve put them.  Thanks to the miracle of print-on-demand publishing, anyone who orders a copy of “FF” from now onwards will get the extra page!