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Well, what a weekend (it’s a Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK, so we’ve had three days of weekend).  I spent all of Saturday formatting the text of “Worm in the Blossom” so that it matches the look of “Fatal Forgery” and “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat” – I achieve this by using the same interior template for them all, and cutting and pasting the text into it.  (Slow but strangely satisfying work, as it finally starts to look like a book rather than just a really long essay.)  I bought a one-off licence for the template for “FF”, and then extended it to infinite use for “Canary” and beyond.  It’s a nice “space-y” template – i.e. the text is not crowded on the page – and it uses a traditional font that matches the historic feel of the books.

Then Sunday was for proof-reading – and that certainly gives you tired eyes.  I don’t know if it means I was editing too much, but my red pen ran out halfway through and so the second half was marked up in bright pink.  And this morning I made all of those changes to the text and sent it – along with the full cover (front and back and spine – yes, the cover designer was also working on BH Monday) to CreateSpace for their “quick and dirty” check.  This is an automatic check to make sure that everything fits and is the right size – and it is.  And about three minutes ago I received an email from them to confirm that I can go ahead and order a printed proof copy – which I have done!  Hurrah!  So this will be waiting for me when I get back from holiday, which gains me about two weeks on my original timetable.  This doesn’t mean that I will publish earlier – I’m still looking at 16 October – but it does mean that I will be able to order my first big box of copies from the US using a slower delivery method, and so save a bit of money.

Well, my husband is hovering to turn off the computers and network, so I’ll finish for now.  When I get back from my travels (mid September) I’ll tell you all about the invitation I received today to talk about my books on local radio!  As I said, what a weekend!