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For nearly a year now, I have been telling people that “Plank 3” – “Worm in the Blossom” – will be published on 16 October.  That’s the date on my countdown clock, on the left.  But now – whisper it – I find myself ahead of the game.  The paperback “Worm” is ready, and today a poor benighted courier delivered a hundred copies to me.  They are, to be frank, something of an obstacle in my very small hallway, but it is exciting to see them in all their ruby-red glory.  And in spare moments I have just about Kindle-ified the text, so with a few more hours’ work that too will be ready to upload.

So do I stick to my promised launch date, or do I just go with it and get the Worms out there?  The organised part of me says that I should stay with the original plan, while the excited author part of me wants to shout, “It’s here!”.  And my husband just wants the blasted things out of the hallway.

(And at the back of my mind is the little concern that if I admit to everyone that “Worm” is completely finished, then there’s no excuse for me not to get cracking with “Plank 4″… – due out in October 2016.)