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Just a quick post today, to remind all of you self-published authors out there of the importance of shameless self-promotion.  I have written before about how I try to exploit every “hook” to get some publicity for Sam and his stories.  And one thing I take advantage of is the fact that I spend a fair proportion of my working life in Guernsey.

Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands, and it has a very active financial sector.  Couple this with my unusual name, which means that many people living in Guernsey and working in finance have vaguely heard of me, and there you have a potential hook.  So I sent a press release to a Guernsey news website, and today I see that they have shared it – here it is.  Who knows whether it will lead to any more “Worm” sales, but I know for certain that it won’t lead to any fewer.

(I’ve also just come back from recording a radio interview for a book programme on a local radio station, but I’ll tell you more about that once it’s broadcast.)