Susan Grossey

A museum of Plankish treasures

I did warn you that things would be going quiet, didn’t I?  I am still in the “let my mind wander” phase of plotting for “Plank 4”, which is very enjoyable but must end soon.  And to keep me disciplined, I have decided to mark the end of this phase with a Day Out in London next Wednesday.  I do have some work that day – a much-anticipated meeting in New Scotland Yard, to do with money laundering – but once I’ve left the police, the rest of the day is Sam’s.  And here’s what I have planned for him:

  • We are calling in to Daunt Books in Marylebone High Street to try to persuade them to make room for Sam, Martha and Wilson on their shelves – I’ll explain that this is home turf for my trio, and see if I can melt their book-buying hearts…
  • Martha and I are going to an antique jewellery shop just off Oxford Street to look at an emerald and pearl ring that was created in 1820 – we’re wondering whether some broad hints to Sam might be in order
  • We are all going to the Sir John Soane’s Museum in Lincoln’s Inn Fields for a good rootle around among the architect’s arty treasures – “Plank 4” deals with art crime, so Sam and I need to get a good feel for what the respected collectors of the day were after.

After that, I might go out for a pasta feast at the wonderfully 1950s Spaghetti House in Goodge Street, although I daresay Sam and Martha would prefer a pie shop – spaghetti might be an import too far for them.  So Wednesday next week is when I have to stop daydreaming and start the serious plotting, but a grand day out will make the transition that much more bearable.


  1. Graham Avatar

    Dear Susan

    That sounds like a fabulous day out and, even if the New Scotland Yard trip is reserved for your official day job, I’m sure that Sam would love to come along and get a flavour of how and where his modern counterparts work.

    I hope you enjoy the day, and that the autumn weather is kind to you all during your travels.

    Best wishes


  2. ihatemoneylaundering Avatar

    Dear Graham
    Of course you are right – I shall smuggle Sam into the Yard, so that he can see how things have improved or otherwise since 1829…!
    Best wishes from Susan

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