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First of all, thanks to everyone who took pity on me after my disappointment last week, and wrote to encourage me to take it on the chin.  Excellent advice, and next week I will be going to see the new manager and start again with the wooing.

I have also – after reading this inspiring post by Catherine Ryan-Howard, whose book “Self-Printing” was my bible when I first started self-publishing – set up a Goodreads Giveaway for “Fatal Forgery”, starting on 4 February and running for about a week.  As Catherine explains, giveaways are all about publicity (“eyeballs”, as she puts it) and I figure that for the price of one paperback and postage to somewhere in the world, “Fatal Forgery” could do with a little more exposure.  So in mid-February, Sam could be winging his way to any country in the world.  As ever, I’ll keep you posted – particularly around whether the exposure seems to translate into sales.  (One of the few benefits of having quite low sales figures is that I can spot a peak very easily!  Pity poor old John Grisham, trying to figure out which were the fabulous weeks for book sales among the merely terrific.)

And as though to make up for my despondency, Sam himself has been on cracking form this weekend.  He demanded attention for most of yesterday and then two hours this afternoon and has dragged me to three London premises in the course of 2,655 words. He also finally told me where Wilson lives – although sadly we can’t go there as it’s now under the railway lines at St Pancras.