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Just a short post today, as I wasn’t intending to write anything at all but events have overtaken me.

Last week a less-than-flattering review of “Worm in the Blossom” appeared on the website of the Historical Novel Society.  (I am a big fan of the HNS, as they very kindly shortlisted “The Man in the Canary Waistcoat” for their Indie Award 2016 – Sam didn’t make it onto the shortlist, but he’s very philosophical about these things.)  The gist of the review – read it here yourself – was that although the story was good and well-written, the premise was wrong: people would not have been outraged about child prostitution in 1826.

I asked Helen Hollick, the editor of the HNS website (although not my reviewer), if I could reply to the review, and she said that that wasn’t their way, but very kindly, in the interests of fairness, she asked whether I would like to put my position on her own blog – and my post has appeared on there today.

So there you go – thank goodness I keep such careful records of all my research!