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Yes, you’re right: I’ve been a bad author.  I had a week’s holiday and thought I would do a lot of deep thinking, planning and plotting – but I did none.  However, on the train down to London yesterday I took a printout of my main plot outline for “Plank 4”, and managed to think of a way to link up two bits that weren’t linked, so I’m pleased with that.  And with the rugby in full swing again this weekend, I should be able to get back into the writing.

But I do not come to you empty-handed.  A few weeks ago I was featured on the blog of another indie historical author, Helen Hollick, and one of the comments came from a reader in America who suggested that I should use universal Amazon links.  Use what?  Well, apparently there are lovely services out there that can take your book listing on your own domestic Amazon site (for me, it’s amazon.co.uk) and turn it into a link that, when clicked, will automatically take the clicker to their domestic Amazon site.  The service I used is called BookLinker; it’s free to sign up and to use, and very simple.  So now I have “universal links” for my three Sam Plank novels: myBook.to/Fatal_Forgery, myBook.to/Man_Canary_Waistcoat and myBook.to/Worm_in_the_Blossom.  I have added them to my Purchase page, and this should mean that a reader from anywhere in the world can simply click on that link and be magically sent to their nearest Amazon site.

A few days after I had done that, and while I was still recovering from the excitement, BookLinker emailed me to say that I could also do the same for myself – create a universal link to take readers around the world to my author page on their Amazon.  So now I am also known as Author.to/SusanGrossey.  I may get a tattoo.